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The Impact of Covid 19 in Digital Currencies focused in Western Balkan Societies
The primary data should be the main source. The primary data might be collected from questionnaires from financial institutions in Western Balkans Societies. Another source might be the primary data by owners or stockers who have invested in digital currencies during this period. These two groups might represent the best pool to attract datas and analyese for this doctoral essay analyze. The methodology used sholud express an econometric equation which can be tested and proved by statistical means such as SPSS. The Dependent variable should be digital currencies and the independent variable Covid 19 where the Research questions or hypothesis should be raised and proved. The conclusion should state all the findings between the variables and the statistical correlation proved by the methodology used and the primary data accumulated. The manuscript should be in an Word format, adapted for the Windows operating system and DOC or RTF file. The following rules should apply for whole text, including abstract, keywords, heading and references. – Page setup 1. Margins: 1 Inch (2,54 cm) on all sides (top, bottom, left, right) 2. Font Size and Type: 12-pt. Garamond or Times New Roman font 3. Line Spacing: Single space throughout the paper, including the title page, abstract, body of the document, references, appendixes, footnotes, tables, and figures. 4. Alignment: Justified 5. Orientation: Portrait 6. Page size: A4 The writer must be specialized in econometric and economic analyses


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