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Imagine you want to learn more about how your peers understand digital learning. You decide to survey them about the digital learning culture, including digital communication. In preparation for designing your survey, review Section 35 of Ch. 7, “Survey Research” of Research Methods in Psychology on the characteristics of an effective survey question. Incorporate these important components when designing this survey. Prepare a 12-question survey using Kahoot! Or SurveyMonkey. Each question must be a minimum of 2 sentences.
Identify important factors in the digital learning culture, including expectations for communication.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper anticipating your survey results. Consider the contributions digital natives and digital immigrants make to the digital culture. Substantiate your claim by incorporating credible, paraphrased materials. (APA format 7th edition)
Create a free Kahoot account at or a free Survey Monkey account at
Prepare your survey by writing your questions and answers. You have the option of rearranging your questions and information under the edit questions button at the bottom of the screen for Kahoot!, and under the builder option for SurveyMonkey.

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