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I’m working on a Social Science question and need guidance to help me study.For this assignment, you will write a 500-700 word blog post for the (imaginary) Fact Busters website. Follow a scientific “fact” upstream to its original source and then communicate your findings in an essay answering the questions: To what extent can we trust public portrayals of scientific studies in this source? What are the key differences between the scientific and popular representations of this “fact”? And what is at stake in whether or not this “fact” is treated as true?To begin, you will select a source making a factual claim. You have options for finding such a fact, including: A claim made in an advertisement, brochure, label or website for a product or service. A news piece or social media post. A “factoid” or piece of advice someone shared with you. A scientific fact is a claim about the world that is presented as objectively true. Choose a fact that appears to be straightforward statement of truth, that can be verified or refuted through research. For example, a cafeteria poster reading, “Eat 6-8 servings of veggies a day for a healthy diet” would work as a source, because it makes a claim about cause and effect. One that reads, “Eat healthy every day” would not count because it makes a recommendation without making a claim and thus can’t be refuted.Your document should be submitted as .doc, .docx, or .pdf to Canvas by 1/24 11:59pm. You will need to cite your sources (where the fact came from, as well as the research article that supports or doesn’t support said fact) and include at least one class reading (for instance, ch. 15 of the Sismondo book). Citations should be in either MLA, APA, or ASA style. Here is a useful resource to make sure that you are citing your articles https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/asa_style/references_page_formatting.html (Links to an external site.)Generally, the popular science article you find should reference the scientific article or articles that is based on. However, to find a peer-review article, I recommend using the UCSD library website (Roger search engine) and/or Google Scholar. You can also talk to your professor or TA about finding articles. Do not hesitate to also reach out to a librarian online to ask about finding articles. A papers will make a thorough comparison and analysis of at least one popular science article to at least one peer-reviewed scientific paper. The comparison of these articles should explain their differences and why these differences matter. You should be clear on why you believe this public portrayal of this “fact” can be considered true or not. A papers will also need to clearly connect their “blog post” to at least one relevant class reading and correctly cite their all of the articles referenced in the post. B papers will make a comparison and analysis of a popular science article to a peer-reviewed scientific paper, while making a serious attempt to answer all of the prompt questions. B papers should clearly connect their “blog post” to a relevant class reading and correctly cite their articles. C papers will make some comparison between a popular science article and a peer-reviewed scientific article. Your blog post should make an attempt to answer the prompt questions and have clearly cited articles. D/F papers will make little to no comparison between a popular science article and a peer-reviewed scientific article, and will do little to answer the prompt questions or connect to a class reading.
Requirements: Discussion | 2 pages, Double spaced

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