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I’m trying to learn for my Writing class and I’m stuck. Can you help?Topic: Food Waste and how programs can be implemented scientifically to solve the problemProposal DUE JAN 27THBefore undertaking the actual case study, you will submit a proposal in the Semester Project Proposal assignment folder. Your proposal must include a minimum of one paragraph on: (1) the environmental issue that you will investigate, including general background about your selected topic and the geographic area in question, (2) an explanation of the controversy (i.e. 3 cons (or the opposing views) and 3 possible solutions to the cons), and (3) list of the suitable references you will use to construct your case study.Consider the references you will use in this project carefully! Although it is acceptable to use encyclopedia-type resources (such as Wikipedia) to get ideas, these should not be used to write the case study itself. Use and citation of such encyclopedia articles in the case study and/or presentation report will be penalized. The resources you use in writing should be from reputable sources, such as reputable news publications and government (.gov) websites. You may also use sources such as your textbook, environmental organizations (whose websites generally end in .org), but remember that information they publish cannot be considered bias-free. For help in selecting references, contact your school librarian, and/or you may want to look at: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/553/1/Instructor said that if you can explain 3 negatives of how it impacts the environment and 3 scientific solutions to those problems. She does not want it to focus on humans. She also suggested I look up something that occurred in Costa Rica about orange peels and how it had a positive impact…Make sure there are 2-3 paragraphs for the topic proposal There can be absolutely no plagiarism at all
Requirements: 3 paragraphs

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