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I’m stuck on a Religion question and need an explanation.Important note: The response paper in not a research paper. Responses that show evidence of using outside sources will receive a grade of zero. SCOPE: Students will analyze an item of popular culture through a specific scholarly lens (Laderman’s article). Responses must show strong engagement with both the scholarly reading and the item of popular culture. Students are to follow (strictly) the instructions below. Scholarly Reading : (Laderman, Gary. “The Disney Way of Death.” Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Vol. 68, No. 1 (March 2000), pp. 27-46. Popular Culture Viewing: Students are to choose a recent Disney movie (one released in the past decade or so) to pair with the Laderman reading, so as to examine intersections between the reading and the movie chosen. Response papers must follow the assignment details below and be formatted as per the instructions on page two ASSIGNMENT DETAILS: In a coherent, critical 4-4½ page essay built in full sentences and paragraphs , studentsare to examine intersections between Laderman’s article and the Disney movie chosen. A.Neutral Summary/Synopsis (2 pages)In your own words, provide a fair , neutral synopsis of the scholarly reading, making sure to address the author’s major points.Your primary focus should be the ideas and arguments made.Here, be sure to articulate(clearly) what you think the author’s central thesis is. B.Analysis (2 – 2½ pages)For the analysis portion of the paper, students will use the arguments raised in the scholarlyreading to discuss and analyze ideas, questions , and problems that the movie you choose addresses(making reference to specific scenes, characters, dialogue , and so forth).Laderman’s article was written in 2000; as part of your analysis, think about whether Laderman’s argument is still relevant.You are welcome to critique the scholarly article and the author’s arguments as long as primary focus of your analysis is interesections between the reading and the movie.There is no need to force fit ‘ religion’ into your analysis Please pay close attention to the following formatting instructions: • Response Paper #1 is worth 10% of your overall grade. • Response papers must be no fewer than 4 pages and no more than 4½ pages long. • Be forewarned that I am very familiar with online analyses of the article and reviews and analyses of many recent Disney movies. Again, no outside research is permitted. • Do not include a title page. Likewise, do not include submission information. Instead, simply put your name in either the Header or Footer of your file. • Begin your paper with a title (hopefully an interesting one), centred above your opening paragraph. • Label your file with your last name – Response #1. (Example: Patrick – Response #1) • Do not divide your paper into sections. Write in full, thoughtful, complete sentences and paragraphs, crafting your paper into a coherent whole. Trust that your reader will recognize when you are transitioning from the summary portion to your analysis. • Double-spaced; 12-point font. No extra spacing between paragraphs. • One-inch margins (1”) all around each page (Note: many word-processing software programs are, by default, set to 1.25-inch margins; this needs to be changed). • IMPORTANT: I am interested in hearing your words. Use direct quotations sparingly. If you do quote (or paraphrase) the scholarly article, provide bracketed in-text citations noting respective page numbers in the following format: (Laderman 26). If you quote from the movie, provide the time in brackets following the quotation. For example: (Beauty and the Beast,12:32 min.) • No bibliography. This is an essay entirely of your own making, not a research paper. • Acceptable formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odf, .odt, and .pdf. No .pages files (convert Pages files to pdfs). Note that Word documents are the preferred form. • If you are unfamiliar with terms used in the scholarly article, please be sure to consult a good dictionary, either hard copy or online. Requirements: 2000

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