I would like for you to reference back to each of the theorists in discussing, “what is normal?” – Essaylink

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I would like for you to reference back to each of the theorists in discussing, “what is normal?”
In this DB, I would particularly like for you to focus on your initial post to discuss how each of the theorists (Gilman, Smith, Hochschild, Butler; include at least one page reference back to each theorist) contributed to our questioning and determining of what is normal and/or normalized – both within the study of sociology and within our everyday lives.
Some questions to consider include: Who defines what is normal and why? How does “normalcy”, including expectations, get played out in our everyday worlds? How is normal different across groups and how does power relate to this? How did sociology (accidentally? still does?) help to define what is normal?
Please reflect across the theorists. With three this week, your initial post should be a minimum of 350 words (include word count).
****As an additional note: This assignment was prepped prior to the current events. However, I left the prompt as-is because it could be a particularly relevant time for such reflection. Even so, it is not meant to be triggering. If too much occurred throughout the recent events, please email me and let me know. I will offer a separate assignment and/or we can work together on how you can appropriately work through this assignment.

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