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1. (10%) Using the data provided, select the data corresponding to any country
you choose (only one) for the period 1960-2016, and save it in a separate file.
2. (10%) Identify the following variables from the data set:
• Household consumption (real)
• Household consumption (real) per capita
• Real GDP
• Real GDP per capita
• Inflation rate based on the CPI (must be calculated)
3. (30%) For each of the variables above, and the period 1960-2016, do the
• A scatter plot diagram (years in the x-axis and the variable in the y-axis)
with a linear or exponential trend line (linear for inflation and exponential
for real GDP and consumption). Make sure to add the equation of the
trend line in your graph.
• Analyze each graph and the meaning of the trend line equation. For the
consumption and real GDP graphs, analyze the economic growth rate
(total and per capita), identifying periods of recession and the growth
rate of consumption. For the inflation rate, identify periods of inflation,
deflation, and the total average inflation rate.
4. (30%) Using a scatter plot diagram, draw the relation between real GDP per
capita (x-axis) and consumption per capita (y-axis), adding a linear trend line
with its corresponding equation. From this graph, identify and analyze the
MPC and the multiplier effect.

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