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Concisely states the motivation for the study and how it fits into the existing body of knowledge. It should have:
1. Background information regarding previous knowledge and should be obtained from a journal article or review article and not from newspaper articles or textbooks.
2. A statement about the objectives of the scientific investigation/research work.
Materials and Methods
Describe in full sentences and well developed paragraphs how the experiment was conducted so that another scientist can repeat the same experiment.
The author should provide information regarding volume, concentration, mass, growth conditions, temperature, pH, type of microscope, statistical analyses, sampling techniques and if the study was done in the field (nature)-the location where the field study was conducted.
Common lab ware and lab techniques (e.g. aseptic techniques) need not be explained.
In some cases, it may be appropriate to use references to describe methods.
Should only include the data collected and not provide any explanations of said data. A good results section will have:
1. A text which forms the body of the section
2. Visual representation of the results. This includes figures, tables, graphs etc., that will help the reader quickly and accurately comprehend the data.
The section where the results are interpreted. May include:
1. A summary of the results in a way that supports conclusions.
2. An explanation as to how the results relate to existing knowledge.
3. Describe inconsistencies in the data. It is better than hiding the anomalous data.
4. Discuss possible sources of error.
5. Describe possible future investigation based on current work.

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