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1. Part A. Think about the THE ECONOMY – what the definition of the economy is according to mainstream ( neo – classical ) economics – and why this definition is inadequate or incomplete for interpreting economic realities? How do Feminist economists rectify this incomplete definition of the economy ? Explain by using the diagram we developed/ shared in videos to analyze 4 ( four ) spheres of economic life. Give citations if you cite any works from the readings. Give the citation for the diagram by writing underneath the Source for the diagram.

Part A. What is diversity in social life? What is diversity in the process of construction of science ( e.g. economics )Why is it important to have diversity in the construction of science ( s) ? Explain how lack of diversity among economists has led to a mainstream ( neoclassical) economics that is inadequate in terms of explaining and understanding economic realities under capitalism ? answer Part B in light of your answer to part A


2. What is Patriarchy? Did we always have Patriarchy in history? How did the transformation take place? What is the GENDER – based basic division of labor in economic life? What are the roles assigned to women and what are the roes assigned to men according to this gender – based division of labor in economic life under capitalism ? How does this basic division of labor (and patriarchal beliefs) have impacts in economic life? A) In terms of educational attainment? B) who gets to participate in the labor force? C) employment or hiring decisions? Make sure you include citations if you cite particular works or video lectures.

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