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Health IT and EHRs: Integrated Electronic Health Records (6th ed.)
By Margret K. Amatayakul
Chapter 7: “Health IT Vendor Selection and Contract Negotiation”
This chapter discusses the vendor selection process for acquiring an EHR, any of its components, including
bridge technology, or other health IT. It describes options organizations have for structuring their health IT
acquisition and the critical role advance planning has in the process, and outlines critical tasks required to
avoid legal and technical pitfalls.
Needs assessment – describes the key capabilities or application requirements for achieving the benefits of
EHR or other type of health IT as the organization has envisioned
Health Level 7 EHR system functional model – review Figure 7.1 of the textbook
Use cases – scenarios that describe a system’s behavior as it responds to a request that originates from
outside of that system
Discussion question
This week, I would like you to present to the class a review of an EHR vendor.
1. to find an EHR vendor
2. Discuss the following in your primary post:
a. What is the vendor and the EHR product?
b. What are the EHR uses?
c. Who are current users of the EHR?
d. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of the vendor and the EHR





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