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Group Presentation Leader Instructions WI 2021
Sociology 201
S. Roney-Hays
The following is from your syllabus:
“You will work in groups to design creative and thoYouughtful discussions. You will each participate in
leading two discussions. Each group will design a short presentation on a particular topic in order to
stimulate discussion. Each individual will make a contribution to the presentation. Each individual
presenter will include a report of research on the group topic. Individual research reports will be
written and handed in the day of the class presentation.”
100 points- 45 for presentation in class and 55 for the written presentation and report you hand in.
The objective of your group when leading a discussion is to make it interesting and interactive. Each group will do a short presentation to get the discussion started. You will design the presentation as a group. The presentation will include short summaries of your individual research.
How it will work
1. You will sign up for two topics in class (one from each of two topic lists).
2. You will be assigned to groups with others who signed up for same the general topic.
3. You will decide in each group how you want to focus your discussion on the topic.
4. You will do your individual research on your part of the topic focus.
The group may want to focus on some particular part of a chapter or on some particular issue related to the chapter. You may want to incorporate the part that social media or some other aspect of culture (e.g., religion, age, music, sports, politics, fashion, some other aspect of material culture) play in your topic
5. The group will decide how to do the group presentation. You want it to be creative and stimulating. You may want to use a short video, a group skit, a role play, or another way to introduce the general topic. As part of the presentation, you will each give a brief summary of your research findings. (You will not be reading your research papers.) The group may want to divide the research into different aspects or ways of looking at the topic. Perhaps you will ask a different discussion question with each individual research summary.
The groups will meet during class to exchange ways of contacting one another and to plan how you want to divide the topic and approach the presentation. The first group you join will be the one that comes first in the course schedule.
Research Papers (To be done individually)
Each individual will be responsible for choosing and writing up, some outside research on a particular related to the group topic. All group topics will be related to a particular chapter in the text. You will present the day that chapter is covered in class.
The research for your individual part of the group topic will require at least three peer-reviewed journal articles, two other pieces of current research, and at least two cross-cultural examples. Apply at least three concepts from your chapter in the paper and use any other material or data from the chapter you find relevant.
Each individual research paper will be written and handed in the day of your class discussion. Papers will be about 3 pages (about 750 words). Cite all articles correctly in your report using APA or MLA format. In the course orientation, you were given the following:
Style Guide: Use the format below with which you are most
APA Formatting and Style Guide The OWL at Purdue
MLA Formatting and Style Guide The OWL at Purdue
Make your part interesting! If the paper is not ready for the class discussion, you will lose 10 points on your grade. Although you will not be reading your paper in class, yoou will understand the material better for doing your in-class summary for the discussion if you have worked through the paper.
You will present only a summary discussion of your research. When discussing an article, include the author’s objective and hypothesis, a brief summary of the the author’s approach to the research, and the author’s conclusions). You will also state how you are relating it to the chapter material and the discussion topic. Cite your sources correctly.
You will also hand in your summary on the day of the presentation. The way you present your summary will depend on how the group has decided to lead the discussion.
With your summary, you will include any contributions you made to the group presentation. If possible, turn in the actual contributions. If not, just explain them.

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