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Due : December 12th, 2020 at 6pm 

Read the article that is posted in this module and write 2-3 pages discussing the content of the article, how it connects to the discussion we had a few weeks ago about the different aspects of the presidency, and your opinion on whether or not the presidency should be remodeled or reformulated.

Outline & Formatting

  • Page 1

    • Discussion of article content:
      • What is the author saying? What sticks out or what are the highlights of the article?
  • Pages 2-3

    • Connection to class discussion and opinion:
      • How does this article relate to the class activity and class discussion we had a few weeks ago about the role of the president and how they are judged by history? Should the presidency be reformulated? Why or why not? Please explain.
  • The essay should be double-spaced.
  • Font should be size 12 and in Arial.
  • Your name should be at the top of the first page only.
  • No references or citations needed.

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