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Because your choice is so compelling and close to home here in the US. I thought I would shoot your a few links that could help your write your piece. Because Robin Rene Roberts, as a black gay women in US journalism is: (1) particular to the US and (2) a triple minority…. …it would be difficult for you to effectively write about her with only the theory in the course thus far. Please take a look at and use the attached articles links below to help write/think sbout your piece.

(2) Include introductory and concluding paragraphs, so as to professionalize your piece accordingly. Be sure to make a compelling argument as to why you have chosen your subject. Explore how the work of this subject is indeed global. Do not assume that because your subject is a standout American figure, that they are automatically global—make your connections to their reception/influence/interests in the global space explicit.
Expose and explore but also be critical of this individual’s output. Include how their work might be embraced or critiqued from different quarters. Draw on course themes as encountered in Mirrlees, Chomsky, Said and other course articles/videos. Use extensive quoting from your reference articles and your own original ideas in order to do so. Be exploratory, explanatory and descriptive but also importantly be critical in your analysis/review of your subject’s work.
(3) Include a minimum (3)-item bibliography, presented in full APA citation.
(4) Creatively title and subtitle your piece so as to capture and hold the attention of your readers.
5) Include maximum (2) pics/images (directly representational or abstract) creatively laid out in your text. These can drawn from anywhere you like. Be sure to caption these with a short by-line below them explaining their contents and adding reference info (where possible). Also be sure to comment on these in text as you expand on your subject.

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