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I. INTRODUCTION (2-3 paragraphs)
A) What is the global health challenge you are focusing on?
1. Indicate clearly which country or region within a country you are focusing on.
2. Be as specific as you can. For example, if you state “maternal health” do you mean access to
birth control, prenatal care, labor and delivery or postnatal maternal care?
B) How does this relate to the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
1. Which primary goal or goals does your issue focus on and what is the specific target of focus?
(Please reference the goal and the target indicated on the UNSDG website).
C) Provide a brief description of the overall health and economic status of this country
1. Include the 3 basic indicators of a nation’s health that we’ve discussed in class.
2. Include comparisons to the U.S. for those indicators (or other resource-rich countries) to put into
perspective the overall health status for the country of your focus.
a. For example, if you say that 20% of residents in your country do not have access to a toilet
in their home, what is percent of residents in the US who do have this amenity?
3. Include 2 or more additional indicators for poverty or national income to describe the economic
situation of that country.
4. Do not state Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or Gross National Product (GNP) as your indicators.
Health Sciences

II. NATURE AND MAGNITUDE (2-3 paragraphs)
A) Describe the severity or seriousness of this global health problem.
1. Include epidemiological evidence with at least 3 statistical indicators to highlight the magnitude
of this global health issue.
2. Are there any special issues with this issue as to why it is such a problem in this country?
a. This might be current or recent war, large-scale famine, or other political or social issues that have made this global health issue significantly worse.
A) Which communities or populations are affected?
1. Within this community, who is most affected or at risk? Why?
B) Why are they at risk? What are the risk factors for this global health problem?
A) What are the social and economic consequences of experiencing that problem? 1. How is the big picture affected in terms of:
a. Social dynamics for families and communities?
b. Economic implications for the families and communities?
V. ACTION PLAN (3-5 paragraphs)
A) Based on your overall assessment on this issue, describe an evidence-based solution or program to address this global health issue in your country or community of focus.
1. You cannot suggest that your action plan focus on more funding or financial aid. It must be an
evidence-based, culturally appropriate strategy, program or policy. I suggest your research
programs and solutions and pick one or two to implement for your action plan.
2. Please be specific and explain as much as possible when you address these questions:
a. What is your program idea? Describe what you will implement and who will be targeted.
b. You must reference an existing program or action plan as part of your solution. Describe the source of your solution/program. If you are modifying this idea, please describe your unique
angle or intervention strategy.
c. What aspects of your program or strategy will make this successful? There are many
different programs in global health, how will this idea be successful?
A) List your references in APA format
1. All of your sources must be 5 years old or newer (2015-2020) 2. You can only use these sources:
a. Scholarly sources (peer-reviewed academic journal articles)
b. Government data (i.e. retrieved from the specific country’s government)
c. Established international / global health agencies such as the World Health Organization
(WHO), the United Nations, UNICEF, the World Bank, Our World in Data, etc. You can also reference established non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have been referenced in class. If you are unsure of the reliability of an organization’s data



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