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Global Computer Solutions (GCS) is an information technology consulting company with many offices
throughout the United States. The company’s success is based on its ability to maximize its resources—that is,
its ability to match highly skilled employees with projects according to region. To better manage its projects,
GCS has contacted you to design a database, so GCS managers can keep track of their customers,
employees, projects, project schedules, assignments, and invoices.
The GCS database must support all of GCS’s operations and information requirements. A basic description of
the main entities follows:
The employees of GCS must have an employee ID, a last name, a middle initial, a first name, a region, and a
date of hire recorded in the system.
Valid regions are as follows: Northwest (NW), Southwest (SW), Midwest North (MN), Midwest South (MS),
Northeast (NE), and Southeast (SE).
Each employee has many skills, and many employees have the same skill.
Each skill has a skill ID, description, and rate of pay. Valid skills are as follows: Data Entry I, Data Entry II,
Systems Analyst I, Systems Analyst II, Database Designer I, Database Designer II, Java I, Java II, C++ I, C++
II, Python I, Python II, ColdFusion I, ColdFusion II, ASP I, ASP II, Oracle DBA, MS SQL Server DBA, Network
Engineer I, Network Engineer II, Web Administrator, Technical Writer, and Project Manager. Table P5.11a
shows an example of the Skills Inventory.

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