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1. Explain why mutations are almost always harmful to the cell/organism.
2. Why might a deletion of 12 base pairs from a gene be less harmful than the insertion of 1 base pair in the same gene? Your answer must include:
a. Use of the appropriate terminology

b. (3) An explanation of the consequences for the DNA sequence for each scenario.

c. (3) An explanation of the consequences for the RNA sequence for each scenario.

d. (4) An explanation of the consequences for the PROTEIN sequence and function for each scenario.
3. A herpes virus contains an icosahedral capsid. Explain why this type of capsid structure is beneficial for the virus (not why a capsid is important but why THIS SHAPE is beneficial specifically).

4. Transcribe and translate the following DNA sequence.
Note: The template strand is provided, so go directly to mRNA.

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