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Q1) Choose an appropriate two phase (gas-oil) vertical separator size (as per API 12J) for an
application with the following input parameters: [5 Marks]
Q2) The presence of oxygen concentrations greater than 5 ppb in waterflood operations can
cause severe corrosion and plugging of the formation by corrosion products. Three main
Input Parameters
420 scf/s
5900 bbl/d
980 grams
Oil sample volume 1150 cm3
P 6300 kPa
T 27 °C
MW 20.1 lb/lb mole
Z 0.86
K 0.31 ft/s
H 10 ft
38 %
processes can remove oxygen. Write a descriptive paragraph for each of the following
• Gas stripping
• Chemical treatment
• Vacuum De-aeration. [6 Marks]
Q3) There are suspended solids in produced fluids such as scale deposits, corrosion products,
sand and fines. There are several types of processes that have been developed for solids
removal. Describe each of the following processes each in a separate paragraph:
• Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters.
• Cartridge Filters. [4 Marks]






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