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The final project is a 1,500+ word paper with a bibliography.

Use APA Format for citations, references, headings, and page numbering.


For this paper, make an ethical argument for one side on whether euthanasia is morally justified vs. euthanasia is not morally justified.  Identify the basic moral theory (or theories) that you’re using.  The argument must be clearly articulated, meaning that you will introduce the issue and make a claim regarding your position.  The position that you take must be defended by giving good reasons why it is better than the opposing point of view.

As you present your case, make clear where you are operating from a position of.  For example, relativism, natural law, utilitarianism, Virtue Ethics or one of the other moral theories.  In some cases, you may offer reasons that stem from more than one of these.

Remember, there are usually arguments within arguments, so you may be making some smaller supporting arguments to support your primary one.


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