For this assignment, you will write a paper about a personal ethical dilemma. – Essaylink

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For this assignment, you will write a paper about a personal ethical dilemma.
1. Complete the assigned readings/videos for the week. Think about an ethical dilemma you recently faced (preferably in the last two years). Be sure to understand what a dilemma is…it is not simply being treated poorly, or being treated in a way that you did not expect. A dilemma involves having to make a choice between (or among) decisions that are not clearly positive, or negative. Please do not use a situation where you were simply treated poorly, and did not like it; there must be an element of having to make a choice to take action (remember, doing nothing is a form of action in itself).
2. In a Microsoft document (no PDFs please), describe (without naming particular people) the facts of the situation, and the ethical dilemma. Then, provide your response to the dilemma, and analyze your decision using an ethical decision-making process model discussed this week.
3. While there is not a page requirement for the assignment, be sure not to write a paper that is too short (one-page), or too long (4+ pages). Your paper should be a complete, factual story so that someone reading the situation can understand as much detail as possible. Be sure to incorporate a thorough analysis of all ethical issues and decisions, and not simply state them without an analysis. Use the following format: Times New Roman (12), 1″ margins (double-spaced).

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