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Create food-based client recommendations aimed at improving a client’s food
quality and nutrient-density, based on culinary wellness principles.
Review the background information provided to get a sense of where June is at in her wellness journey.
Read the provided dialogue, putting yourself in the practitioner role.
Answer the Submission Items questions in the provided text box below as if you are responding to June’s last
statement in the dialogue.
Background Information:
June Fleet is a 34-year-old personal trainer who has been working with you for the past 6 months. She has
three children and her husband must travel often for his job as a regional manager for a department store. Her
primary health goals are to have more energy, sleep better, and get rid of the brain fog she has been
experiencing for the past few years. With the fluctuating nature of her schedule and demands of her family,
June expresses that finding time to cook right now is really challenging and she has to have grab and go items
available for the kids after school snack, for her husband to take on his longer work trips, and to sustain herself
when she has multiple clients and no time for a proper meal. She is also concerned of the rising cost to buy
healthier pantry items as her growing children have strong appetites. For the past few weeks, she has been
keeping a Food & Mood Journal and noticed that the snacks she has been gravitating towards are repeatedly
causing her to feel bloated, tired, and rarely leave her feeling satisfied, so she is seeking your support in
choosing a different snack.
You: Hi June, it is great to see you. It has been about three weeks since we last met, and you mentioned you
had some specific things you would like to discuss when you called. How have things been going?

June: It is nice to see you, too. Things have been going pretty well. Richard was away on a business trip for a
week and the kids all had different play dates and sports practices to juggle, but I still managed to make dinner
at least 4 times each week!

You: That is wonderful! We had set that as one of your Short-Term Goals last time. Did you try out some of the
meal prepping strategies we thought might help you find more success in cooking during this busy time?

June: I did! I pre-chopped my vegetables at the beginning of the week and batch cooked two different kinds of
protein, it made it so much faster to get food on the table despite the rush.

You: I am really glad those strategies were helpful. Is there anything that hasn’t been working as well for you?

June: Yes, that is what I wanted to talk about. I have been keeping a Food & Mood Journal like you suggested
and have realized that almost every day after I eat my afternoon snack that I get bloated and tired, and end up
wanting another snack just a bit later.
You: The fact that you were able to spot that correlation between your snacks and how you were feeling is such
a great observation—you are getting more in tune with your body! What snacks have you been eating when
you feel this way?

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