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This is a paper that is focusing on the Five main components to writing an effective op-ed essay. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

Five main components to writing an effective op-ed essay

Increasingly, nonprofit leaders are turning to writing editorials in order to convey their message to a wider audience.  In the nonprofit world, writing shorter, thought-provoking essays can go a long way in reaching not only members and supporters, but also the general public.  Writing an effective op-ed requires developing a skill-set that fosters a greater public understanding of the issue/problem at hand, from the vantage point of the nonprofit expert.  In other words, the nonprofit professional writes an op-ed in order to educate the public on an issue/problem of central importance to the organization in which he/she works.

There are five main components to writing an effective op-ed: (1) clear presentation of the issue/problem; (2) the use of neutral or “bridge-building” language (i.e. not using highly charged or partisan language which only serves to eliminate the possibility for civil discourse); (3) viewing the issue/problem in a new or innovative way; (4) offering some suggestions for resolving the issue/problem at hand; and (5) creating an eye-catching title.

Assuming the role of a leader at the nonprofit organization (Center for Community Alternatives, Brooklyn NY). Write a 800-1000 word editorial on a current nonprofit issue/problem, plus a reference page.  You must act on behalf of the nonprofit organization (Center for Community Alternatives) and write on an issue currently affecting the organization.  For instance, if the you are writing on behalf of ‘Greenpeace. Then conducting some research on issues affecting the environment would be helpful in framing the op-ed.   After conducting this research, you must craft your particular take on the issue.

Five main components to writing an effective op-ed essay

IMPORTANT : Please use in-text citations and include a “References” section listing your sources for the assignment in alphabetical order according to APA style.

IMPORTANT: Please see Sample Op-Eds below and use as examples.

Opinion: NY’s Vaccine Plan Must Include Education, Similar to Census Outreach


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