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Scenario: You have worked for ABC Hospital for several years. Recently, you were promoted to be the Director
of Community Care and Outreach. In this role, you are responsible for increasing the hospital’s presence in the
community, reaching new patients, and ensuring patients receive effective and coordinated care. You are
aware of ABC Hospital’s current issue with charity care: there is no defined policy for who can write off an
account, and no defined standards for what qualifies a patient to receive charity care. The billing department
has reported multiple complaints due to the lack of a policy, and frustrations from both providers and patients.
Your presentation will address how to appropriately utilize the charity care resource of financing.
Review the resource within Topic 3: Principles and Practices Board Sample 501c(3) Hospital Charity Care and
Financial Assistance Policy and Procedures (Links to an external site.). (HFMA, n.d.)
Prepare an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation, with voiceover. Assume fictional information to develop your
content. Address the following points in your presentation:
Why ABC Hospital needs and uses charity care
Patient demographics and percent of hospital patient population receiving charity care in the last fiscal year
(fictional data).
Define the issues that have contributed to poor management of the charity care provision.
Propose a new way to move forward, providing effective care to patients, utilizing charity care properly. What is
different about this approach, then what was happening previously?
Using bullet points, clearly define a minimum of three benefits of your plan for moving forward. These benefits
should be focused on the financial health of ABC hospital, while balancing the needs of your patient population.
These points will be the cornerstone for future development of a policy on charity care.
APA style should be followed throughout. A title and reference slide are required. Please include a minimum of
three scholarly sources.
PowerPoint presentation including voiceover
Assignment Resource(s)
Healthcare Financial Management Association. (n.d.) Principles and Practices Board Sample 501c(3) Hospital
Charity Care and Financial Assistance Policy and Procedures.






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