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Pick a bank or financial services firm you would like to analyze. The bank should be publicly traded and have a minimum market capitalization of $20 billion. You may use many sources to verify the market cap, including but not limited to Yahoo or Google finance pages. Once you have your bank selected, you must also identify a competitor that is similar in size and operations. After you have picked your bank and your competitor, you will construct an Excel workbook with 5 sheets. The five sheets should be:
1. Ratios
2. Your bank’s balance sheet
3. Your bank’s income statement
4. Your competitor’s balance sheet
5. Your competitor’s income statement

For all of the balance sheets and income statement pages, you should download the actual statements from a financial website such as Google® or Yahoo® Finance. If you used Internet Explorer as your browser and Yahoo Finance as your website, you can simply right click on the statement and then click “Export to Excel.” Your statements should have three years of data and look something like this:

Once completed, you will have four statements total. The next step is to create the ratio page. To do this, you will calculate the following ratios: Return on Equity Return on Assets Net Interest Margin Current Ratio P/E Ratio (Use the stock price that matches the statement date. This can be found using the historical prices link on both Yahoo and Google Finance). You will need to calculate the ratio for each of the last three years for each company. You should use cell referencing to calculate the ratios. Your final sheet should like something like this:



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