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1. Choose and discuss any two of the experiences shared in the film by Lyna Hart and Glen Anaquod which had the greatest impact on you, or that represented your greatest learning (one for each of the survivors). Why is it important for the world to know about them and what they experienced in residential school? (8 marks; ~400 words)
2. Justice (and now Senator) Murray Sinclair described residential schools as institutions of “cultural genocide” in the Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Provide an example that supports this conclusion, from the film. Please use an example not already discussed in #1. (4 marks; ~200 words)
3. Senator Lynn Beyak (formerly a Conservative until she was ejected from their caucus for refusing to remove racist letters from her government website) has claimed that criticisms of residential schools have overshadowed the “good” that was done by “well-intentioned” people. She has particularly praised the schools for introducing children to Christianity. Briefly, what would you say to her, after having watched this film? See youtube video. (4 marks; ~200 words)
4. What was the single most important thing you learned from watching We Were Children? Overall, what was the impact of watching this on you, both educationally and emotionally? (4 marks; ~200 words)
Bonus Mark
5. For one bonus mark, in what year did the last residential school close and how is it especially relevant to this film?


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