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Cause and Effect Essay
This essay strategy is based on Chapter 7, “Explaining Causes and Effects,” page 106. Cause and Effect essays explore why events occur and how they affect us. Identifying causes involves finding reasons for an event; exploring effects involves finding the results. Cause and effect writing can entertain, relate an experience, express emotion, inform readers, or persuade readers. For this paper, you need to select a topic of interest based on the We Are Superman film and examine three causes, three effects, or some combination of both. The key is THREE main focal points. Events typically have more than one cause and more than one effect. For example, examining the causes and effects of an enrollment decline at a local college could examine a weak economy, increased competition in the market, poor recruitment, the impact of a global pandemic, and less financial aid available. Effects might include loss of revenue, loss of prestige, low employee morale, and fewer course offerings. When an event has multiple causes and effects, you can’t focus on them all. Focus on those of particular significance while downplaying those of lesser significance.
Your thesis needs to indicate your topic and whether you are examining causes, effects, or some of both. You can also suggest your purpose, as in this example thesis statement: It is certainly wrong for athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs, but the reasons they do so are understandable. For a clear organization, use topic sentences in the body of the essay to introduce your discussion of each cause or effect. For the previous example, three topic sentences might be:
· The pressure for professional athletes to justify their huge salaries is so great that they often see performance-enhancing drugs as the answer.
· Furthermore, athletes may feel that they must take the drugs in order to be competitive, since so many other athletes are taking them.
· Finally, some athletes get hooked on drugs because their coaches and trainers administer them.
Transitions that will help you signal effects include as a result, consequently, thus, hence, therefore and for this reason. Because and since are transitions signaling cause. Transitions like also, in addition, additionally, furthermore and another signal movement from one cause or effect to another. Avoid using “the reason is because” because it is redundant; “the reason” means “because.”
In addition to the film, you will need to find three additional sources to support your points. To examine three causes and/or effects, you will need to find a source to support each point. You will be responsible for a Works Cited page, and you will also need to introduce each source in the paragraph with a clear signal word. For example, from the paper example above, you might write, “Athletes are under such pressure to perform, some see PEDs as the only way to compete,” says Clay Routledge, Ph.D., as associate professor of psychology at North Dakota State University. At least one source must be from a library database; the other two may be database or web sources, but make sure they are from credible outlets. Topics to consider from the film:
Explain the causes or effects of payday loans
Explore the effects of fatherless homes in light of poverty
Explain the causes or effects of a toxic environment on children (think about food insecurity, fatherless homes, affordable childcare, poverty, etc.)
Explain the causes or effects of a crime in the inner city
Explain the causes or effects of disinvestment in the inner city
Explain the causes or effects of efforts like The Man Class or Reconciliation services
This paper must be in third person. The final paper must be 1,200 words, typed, titled, and double-spaced. In other words, in MLA format.

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