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For this paper, using the information I have provided in the marketing plan as a guide in answering the questions. I will need you to answer these 2 questions. By using the references listed below and the ones I will upload as an attachment.
1. Explain which population will be most served by your health services marketing plan and why.
2. Describe two barriers that you might face in promoting your health services marketing plan and suggest two strategies for overcoming the barriers you identified. Be specific and provide examples.
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Parker, J. C., & Thorson, E. (Eds.). (2009). Health communication in the new media landscape. New York, NY: Springer.
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Health Clinic Marketing Plan
Describe the health service for which you intend to develop a marketing plan, including an explanation of why this service is needed and the potential target audience for this service. A marketing plan is used to define the major markets and their respective needs. It outlines the key market and environmental trends, competitive influences and performance, and sales targets and strategies used to achieve targets (Hillestad, 2020). For my selected health service for a market plan, it will be geared towards vulnerable and/or underserved populations. I will focus on how to work effectively with these populations in order to improve their access to health coverages. Underserved and vulnerable communities I will focus on will be Latino and African Americans who have experienced health disparities. They may be older adults, low income, homeless, rural populations, victims or abuse or trauma and individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities to name a few. Some of the shared characteristics shared between these minority groups are barriers to accessing health services, multiple health problems and/or pre-existing conditions, have a lowered capacity to communicate, lack of transportation, and fear and mistrust in accessing government programs.
Describe the two social media tools you selected for your marketing plan. For my two social media tools that I will be utilizing for my marketing plan will be Cultural and linguistic differences and health literacy. I selected these two in order to be able to communicate appropriately and effectively when targeting vulnerable or underserved populations. My goal here is to build trust and communicate in a way that makes sense to each community and/or individual I encounter. Consumers with health literacy may have difficulties with filling out forms, understanding financial responsibilities when it comes to payments/co-pays, find a provider in their location, seeking preventions and managing chronic conditions. Cultural and linguistic Culture is central to the communication of health is a key tenet in health communication. Understanding the culture and linguistic communities is important in that it shapes the ways that health is communicated and how these populations perceive health and construct barriers to health (Hillestad, 2020).
Explain how the social media tools you selected are most appropriate for your intended audience and health service in your marketing plan. Cultural and linguistic competence is the behavior, attitudes and policies that come together in organizations to enable effective work in cross-cultural situations. It means having the capacity to function effectively as a professional an as an organization within the context of behaviors, beliefs the needs of these communities. Health literacy as explained by author Parker (2009, pg.444) mentioned the importance in the development of better ways to communicate critical health care information to those with low health literacy. By using health literacy, it will allow the targeted audience the ability to get and understand basic information about health care services, coverages, information about coverages and health services in order to make informed decisions about treatment.
Marketing is a business strategy normally aimed at creating awareness concerning a
particular product or service to a particular target audience – usually the primary consumer. Therefore, a marketing plan outlines the quality and associated benefits pertaining to that commodity or service that would be of value to the target consumer in satisfying the particular desires of the consumers. I this paper, I will demonstrate preparation for the marketing plan to establish a health clinic next to the University’s business center for the Low-income and underprivileged populations.
Effectively and efficiently promote health and provide quality healthcare to eligible patients, while preparing future healthcare industries to do the same within the full spectrum of medical operations.
Develop and maintain patient trust by being available, accessible and accountable. Maintain a quality, and comprehensive healthcare system, while increasing health promotion and provider-patient partnerships. Maintain a premier learning environment focused on training, education, research, and leader development. Maintain a work environment that best supports low-income and underserved populations.
Considering the observation noted during my market survey within and around the University; I have identified that the establishment of a Health Clinic next to the University business center would be of benefit, of whom I noticed most were in need of medical care and
the neighboring residents who were mostly the underserved populations (Hillestad & Berkowitz, 2018, pg. 57).
Google trends and Buffer publish are perfect choices for my marketing plan. This is simply because; Google trends is a free Google product that is likely to be used by many of the students in tracking current trends on the web and at the same time, the lectures are likely to use Google trends to exchange information. During these times, they are likely to come across business advertisements, including the business location. Similarly, Buffer publish provides a user-friendly interface that allows for close monitoring of the business post’s performance besides allowing for a posting schedule (Parker & Thorson, 2008 pg. 90). Therefore this makes buffer publish an ideal tool for the business.
Patient care is what is expected by each patient that visits our clinic in meeting their needs. We are entrust to being patient-centered and individualized while caring for our patients. Being able to recognize early on the changes in patient’s condition to promote the identification of patient care needs. Conduct a plan of care for patient care interventions such as physical and, psychological needs. Provide a safe environment for all patients. Provide information and resources for patients and their families to reference. Protect patients’ rights and privacy. But most of all ensure we are providing the best quality of care to our patients and that they are satisfied with the care provided.
In conclusion, I am optimistic that every step of this preparation, from the market survey all the way to the strategic location of this healthcare clinic, guarantees a successful reception by the target audience.
Hillestad, S.G., & Berkowitz, E.N., (2018). Health care market strategy. Jones & Barlet
Parker, J.C., & Thorson, E. (2008). Health communication in the new media landscape. Spring
Publishing Company.

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