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For this assignment, you will evaluate opposing viewpoints regarding the process called “Fishing Down the Marine Food Web.”

The process of “Fishing Down Marine Food Webs” was first outlined in the paper below (recognize the lead author?).

Read the original journal article along with the brief chapter in your Vanishing Fish text:

Pauly, D., Christensen, V., Dalsgaard, J., Froese, R., & Torres, F. (1998). Fishing down marine food webs. Science , 279(5352), 860-863.

Textbook, Vanishing Fish (Pauly, 2019): Focusing One’s Microscope (chapter 15)

Then fully explore:

Dr. Daniel Pauly’s website: Sea Around Us Project: Fishing (Links to an external site.)

Dr. Ray Hilborn’s website: Fishing Down Marine Food Webs (Links to an external site.)

Research to find at least two additional sources to deepen your understanding of the concept of “Fishing Down Marine Food Webs”. Evaluate the different sources of information and determine your opinion based on your findings.

Summarize what you learned and create a one-page infographic and address the following:

Explain the process of “Fishing Down the Food Web”

Describe the methods and findings of the original paper (Pauly et al., 1998)

Provide examples of species from both supporters and opponents of the concept

Discuss your science-based opinion, including whether or not you think “Fishing Down the Marine Food Web” is occurring (or has occurred)

Provide recommendations for fisheries management based on your opinion

Include photos and/or graphs to illustrate your position (there is no right or wrong here, but you must back up your position with references)

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