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1. Consider one ethical dilemma you find in the news or that you have encountered as a leader or a follower. 2.Write a 3 page paper showing your understanding of the practices of ethics and intergrity as a part of character in leadership.You will also display your understanding of how these principles influence your ability to evaluate ethical dilemmas and implement an appropriate response. Paper will include the following:*An introduction that engages the reader, presents the focus of the paper, and gives the reader an idea of flow of the document.*A compelling demonstration of your understanding and practice of ethics and integrity as a part of your character in leadership. how do these two areas serve to inform the responses of the leaders when faced with ethical dilemmas? * Tell how organizations should foster an ethical work environment. * The ethical dilemma must be clearly explained: i. An explanation of how was this dilemma resolved. ii. Explain how you would apply your learning from the ethical dilemma to your area of influence. Minimum of 2 scholarly/peer reviewed sources.



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