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From Citizen Kane (Welles, 1941) select one scene or sequence for detailed, in-depth analysis. Alternatively, you can select one cinematic technique and discuss how this technique is being used throughout the film. The assignment is to examine the use of cinematic techniques in relation to the film’s themes, character development, character relationships, tone etc. In your analysis, refer to specific shots and frames. Do not summarize the plot. Avoid summarizing dialogues as well. Since film is a visual form of art, focus your discussion on the visual narrative.
Essay Requirements
Students can use only one source: the film itself. No use of other sources is allowed. Students who decide to use additional sources regardless of the assignment are required to follow the rules citations.
The essay should focus on the visual aspects of the film in relation the film’s themes, ideas and messages.
The essay should be well structured and organized to support that thesis statement that should be first stated at the end of the introduction.
Each body paragraph should be well-organized and structured to support the topic sentence.
Plot should not be summarized; the bulk of the essay should be film analysis.
The essay should be formatted in MLA style.
 Grading Rubrics
Thesis statement:
 (A) The introduction presents a clear, compelling, arguable, and well-stated thesis.
 (B) The thesis is clear and arguable.
 (C) The thesis may not be stated, be too vague to understand or not an arguable statement.
Use of Evidence:
(A) All statements are backed up by relevant evidence. All points are supported by multiple pieces of evidence and indicate an overall understanding of the issue presented in the film and the use of cinematic techniques.
(B) Most or all statements are backed up by relevant evidence and are sufficiently supported by evidence.
(C) Little evidence or evidence is no well connection to the argument.


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