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You are required to provide written answers to each of the six activities below:
Explain the purpose of employment law and how it is enforced. Briefly describe the role played by the tribunal
and courts system in enforcing employment law. Include how cases are settled before and during formal legal
You are asked to develop a training session for line managers with the title ‘managing recruitment, selection
and appointments lawfully’. Outline the key points of the principles of discrimination law in recruitment,
selection and employment that you would include in your presentation, and also include detail on how contracts
of employment are established
Your organisation is planning a major reorganisation that will involve relocating some people to other sites and
outsourcing a major function to a sub-contractor. Summarise when and how contracts can be changed lawfully,
the main requirements of redundancy laws, and the main requirements of the law on business transfers.
You are asked to summarise for managers the key issues they need to consider to manage pay, leave and
working time lawfully. Ensure you include the major statutory rights, equal pay, and maternity, paternity and
other family-friendly employment rights.
Identify the major requirements of health and safety law and the significance of implied duties as regards the
management of employees at work. Then explain the principles of the law on freedom of association.
You work for a small organisation which has never had to take formal disciplinary action against an employee
before. You suspect a serious case will be arising in the near future. Explain the main requirements of unfair
dismissal law in respect of capability and misconduct issues, and the scope of the right for employees to be
accompanied at serious discipline and grievance hearings.

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