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Application for Ethical Review of Undergraduate/Taught Masters Research Projects

As part of the final year project or taught masters dissertation you are required to engage in a review of the ethical issues connected to your research. This requires you to read the codes of conduct for ethical research relevant to your discipline, and engage with the research methods literature that deals with ethical issues. Completing the form is part of the process of designing your research approach, and ensuring that you recognize and address any ethical issues. These issues and the form first need to be discussed and agreed with your supervisor, before final approval.
Codes of Conduct and ethical guidance can be found on the websites of the following: British Society of Criminology; British Sociological Association; Social Research Association; British Educational Research Association; Political Studies Association.
● Investigate how social media influence’s youth’s perception of cannabis in London
● Explore whether the influence is positive or negative
● Explore what messages social media presents to youth about cannabis, and how youth perceive these messages

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