Case Study Analysis: Distribution Channel Structure and Strategy

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Case Study Analysis: Distribution Channel Structure and Strategy

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Case Study Analysis: Distribution Channel Structure and Strategy
In teams or individually, students will complete a detailed case analysis. Using analysis tools and research techniques, students will analyze and synthesize the findings from that research, and couple them with critical and creative thought. The analysis will be based on information from primary and public secondary sources, company websites, as well as professional experiences and insights.Teams or Individuals will:

• Read the case.
• Include basic information about the company, industry, or project featured in the case study.
• Analyze the company’s history and growth.
• Assess the company’s channel strategies identifying its strengths and weaknesses.
• Identify channel conflicts, comparing channel strengths and weaknesses within the company to the external threats and opportunities. Determine if the company is in a strong competitive position and decide if its channel strategy can continue at its current pace successfully.

• Use data analysis tools make a diagnosis.
• Present possible alternatives for resolution.
• Choose a position – make recommendations for change, modification or maintenance of the status quo
• Give evidence for your choice.

The final report is diagnostic and prescriptive. Where appropriate use course concepts. The final report must not exceed ten double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margin pages. Exhibits may be added and are not included in the page total.

Components % of Grade
Assumptions and Analysis: State assumptions. Provide the reasoning for what is important in the case that results in the issues identified. Provide justification for the claims that the issues deserve managerial attention 25%
Alternative Solutions and Recommendations: Provide alternative solutions and evaluation. Recommend one alternative with probable consequences 25%
Implementation Plan: State how, where, when, and by whom recommended course of action will be implemented 25%
References 15%
Writing Mechanics 10%
TOTAL 100%


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