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 Q1. What defines a bureaucratic empire? Give an example. Through a detailed set of argument write when would you date the beginning of Modern South Asia, and why? What is the relation between modern state and developed state? Are they the same thing, different? Argue with examples from what you have read. Q2. Explain the various causes that resulted in the ascendency of European power in India and disintegration of Mughal and regional rule in the eighteenth century. In your assessment how would you describe the eighteenth century? Give reasons for why you would describe it in that particular way. Q3. Explain the various strands of anticolonial movements in South Asia in light of the 1947 Partition and the politics of identity formation in the early twentieth century? How does the politics of Partition continue to affect contemporary India? Q4. Write a critical essay about the nature of colonial power? Was it hegemonic? Was it coercive? Was it developmental? Draw upon specific examples from the readings and textbook to make your argument. Q5. An historian said, “Women’s voice was recorded but not heard” about the 19th century reform movement for women. What does this statement mean? Do you agree or disagree? Give detailed reasons why you agree or disagree? Q6. Critically assess the relation between development, science and politics in India? Is development for everyone? What is underdevelopment? Explain in your own terms what the name ‘developing nations’ mean? Q7. How has Kashmir defined the relation between India and Pakistan? Q9. Write about the role of dams in modern India?


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