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  1. You must choose THREE of the questions listed below to answer/discuss. Read through the fourteen choices below and make your decision.
  2. Create your response to the assignment questions.
  3. This week’s discussion should be well-written in your own words, paraphrasing from your sources. You must also cite at least one credible academic reference source in text and provide full end ref information in APA format

choose three of the questions below to address:

  • Question 1:What is the physics definition of pressure? Reconcile the units with what you have learned in chapters 1, 2, & 3. By this, I mean for you to tell me what a Pascal (Pa) is in terms of its units.
  • Question 2:Use the concept of pressure to explain why snowshoes are better than regular shoes for walking in deep snow.
  • Question 3:Why does the buoyant force always act upward? Think about the variation of pressure with depth. Remember that pressure in a fluid always acts at right angles to the surface. It’s OK to imagine a square block immersed in a liquid!
  • Question 4:Has anyone seen CSI? If the criminalists of C.S.I. should find an unknown substance (you may / must assume the substance is pure) at the scene of a grisly murder, and they carefully measure the mass and volume, how can they identify the substance?
  • Question 5:It is easier for a person to float in the ocean than in an ordinary swimming pool. Why? Think about how buoyancy varies with the density of the fluid in which a body is immersed!
  • Question 6:What is Pascal’s principle? Think about your auto mechanic, or changing a tire, or the last time you sat in a dentist’s chair!
  • Question 7:How does a perfume atomizer make use of Bernoulli’s principle?
  • Question 8:How does Bernoulli’s principle make an airplane fly?
  • Question 9:Please examine Figure 5.2 on page 174 of the text (Sixth Edition).What are the three temperature scales depicted? What are the normal boiling and freezing points of water in each of these scales?
  • Question 10:A certain engine part made of iron expands 1 mm in length as the engine warms up. What would be the approximate change in length if the part were made of aluminum instead of iron?
  • Question 11:Explain what a bimetallic strip is, how it works, and for what kind of application(s) it is used.
  • Question 12:What are the two general ways to increase the internal energy of a substance according to the first law of thermodynamics? Describe an example of each.
  • Question 13:A potato will cook faster in a conventional oven if a large nail is inserted into it. Why?
  • Question 14:What are the 3 methods of “heat transfer”? Please give an example of each.

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