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Research why businesses use Belbin’s team roles?
After you have completed your Belbin outline what strengths and weaknesses you can bring to a team from your highest score.
Then do the same for the 2nd Belbin role (where you got your 2nd highest marks).
Reflect on how these roles can impact on the effectiveness of the team.
See the criteria below.

Part 2
Research a current book/journal or online platform on how to take minutes for meetings.
(You will need to cite and reference this during and at the end of your work).
Using bullet points outline what each meeting should record.
List why these are important to note.
There should be a minimum of 10 bullet points.

Part 1 Criteria Belbin
Total marks 40
Part 2 Criteria Minutes of the Meeting
Total marks 60

Assessment Title: Power Point Presentation
Presentation – How to secure the perfect graduate role? Theory & Practice
INDIVIDUALLY students should demonstrate communication and a clear understanding of employability.
Submit a 5-slide power point to cover the following points. This is not presented but shows that you clearly understand the process of applying for a graduate role.

Assessment Instructions
Slide 1
Select a suitable, real, live graduate job in your chosen field (ideally the kind of role you aspire to have after graduation) and present/ assess the key skills, attributes, qualifications, and experience required for this role.
Slide 2
Present justification for choosing this company, the advertised role and its function/ purpose – does this company have good prospects for career growth and development?

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