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INDIVIDUAL PROJECT FOR EPPM8013What is s synthesis matrix?A synthesis matrix is a table that can be used to organize research. When completed, it provides a visual representation of main ideas found in the literature and also shows where there is overlap in ideas between authors. A completed matrix will help to integrate all of the different resources together, which will facilitate the synthesis of information on a specific topic.Synthesis is an important part of academic writing, but it can become overwhelming and difficult to keep resources organized. By using the synthesis matrix, all of the key information will be saved in one place. Having this organized document will help during the outlining and writing phases.Instructions:1.You need to gather30articles from good reputable journals (indexed by WoS or Scopus) on your PhD topic of interest.2.Review the articles and take notes. Describe, summarize, analyze and identify the key points3.Create a literature review matrix. Fill in the necessary information from each reviewed journal4.From the matrix, synthesize the literature. Compare and contrast, critically evaluate, and interpret so that you can draw a conclusion. Put particular attention on problem statement, conceptual frameworks and variables being investigated, methodology, research design, sampling etc. 5.It will help you identify there search gaps in the literature and provide both theoretical and empirical support to justify your proposed conceptual framework6.You can also put/organize the information into a table that will illustrate your points (see examples)7.Using on the supports from your synthesizing of LR:a.Identify there search gaps (i.e. problem statement, methodology, analysis etc)b.Discuss and justify each of the gaps and come up with suggestions for future research

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