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Case study

Dolly Mae Decan, a 62-year-old nurse has worked on the mother-baby unit for 40 years. Dolly Mae is timely, respectful of clients, administrators, and peers, plus she performs excellent care. Dolly Mae works hard, works fast, and is extremely dedicated to the unit. If she is called by the nurse manager and requested to work an extra shift, she always willing complies.

Sarah Smith, a 26-year-old nurse was recently hired to the mother-baby unit. Sarah works hard and provides quality care; however, Dolly Mae often notices Sarah challenging the charge nurse and or the nurse manager on decisions that they have made. Sarah has refused all three times she was asked to work an extra shift to cover for a sick colleague.

To make matters worse, Abby Delrue, a 22-year-old, was also recently hired, and Dolly Mae and the other “seasoned” nurses must constantly provide direction, and deadlines for Abby to complete her work. Many of these “seasoned “nurses are becoming frustrated as they feel they are required to do the majority of the unit work.

1) Discuss Conflict resolution strategies nurse manager.
2) Discuss and define cultural and generational work force diversity
3) Discuss how culture affects communication.
4) How does Meta Communication impact conflict?
5) How can conflict be resolved?
6) Using the case presented – what impact does “conflict” have on the following develop examples:

Patient-centered Care

Teamwork and Collaboration

Evidence-based Practice (EBP)

Quality Improvement (QI)



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