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Outline Syllabus

An independent study module allowing the student to undertake an in depth appraisal of a topic related to their professional discipline and produce an assignment which will demonstrate an increased knowledge base in the subject.

The module will allow the student an element of initiative on the part of the choice and approach to the study. The approach to a topic may be a critical review of literature or current research on a topic or a report on a work related issue. The student may choose to review and evaluate current practice or report a recent change in practice. The essential elements in the module are critical evaluation analysis & reflection. The approach to the topic should demonstrate critical appraisal. A supervisor will provide initial guidance with the choice of topic and approach. Demonstration of the learning outcomes will be stated in the learning contract.

Students undertaking any other Independent study module must ensure that the submitted work is on a different theme or issue.

Module Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students will be able to…

1 Identify an area of your own area of professional practice/area of employment that you would like to develop in terms of a deeper understanding, service improvement or evidence base

2 Critically evaluate and discuss contemporary knowledge of the selected area of practice/ topic

3 Critically reflect on your chosen topic/service area & demonstrate how your learning will contribute to developments in your professional practice and/or employment area

4 Create a Project Plan

5 Critically apply theoretical knowledge, evidence based practice & clinical, service development or employment experience to the chosen topic.

6 Manage self-directed learning.

7 Critically reflect on current literature and clinical or employment practice utilising effective written and /or verbal communication skills and the use of information technology.

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