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Educational institutions, for the most part, have multiple departments or units that are involved with research
and evaluation: Office of Instructional Effectiveness, Office of Institutional Research, Office of Assessment, and
the Institutional Review Board, to name a few. Nurse educators may be required or even choose to collaborate
with many of these departments to manage assessment and evaluation of programs. In addition, nurse
educators have a responsibility to communicate assessment results with students, faculty, students’ families,
other educators, regulatory entities, and accreditors. Planning for the various communication streams related to
reporting assessment information is crucial to the success of creating a culture of assessment for the
Research communication models and communication streams.
Develop a communication plan to socialize stakeholders with assessment information, quality improvement
plans, and to solicit feedback to support a culture of assessment in the organization: Evaluate best practices to
provide a communication report about assessment results for:
your organization and its responsible departments or units
for accreditors
for regulatory agencies (e.g., state boards of nursing)
for faculty
for students
for the public
Would you share results via social media, the organization’s web site, and/or through a written report?
Evaluate how you would plan to gather feedback about the results and solicit input for quality improvements
from all stakeholders.
Evaluate how you plan to use stakeholder feedback and input to recommend quality improvements to the
organization, accreditors, and regulatory agencies.
Incorporate a flow chart or communication model in your plan as a graphic.



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