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Working off your first assignment, prepare a “campaign briefing” that justifies how your slogan can, over time, increase strategic leverage for the campaign. It will be important to use the readings on “cutting the Issue,” “powering up,” and “fractals” that ground your briefing in solid organizing literature as well as your own ideas and suggestions on how to strengthen the campaign.
Consider the following, using at least 5 distinct sources from readings or videos:
• How do you cut this issue in ways that are supportive of yet distinct from Biden’s effort?
• How does your approach fit as a “fractal” that’s part of a larger, more systemic issue such as “environmental justice” or “ending systemic racism”?
• As you assess your potential constituents and allies, how are you attempting to increase leverage so that your campaign increases its clout?
• Based on your analysis, state your immediate, winnable goal, and two intermediate goals. Be concrete AND aspirational!
First Assignment Slogan: Focusing on the Biden Campaign ( )
-Campaign: DACA – To fund for education. Fast track legal services for citizenship – Choosing a Slogan
Slogan 1 = “Hoy por mi, Manana por ti”
It’s supposed to be “ Hoy por ti y mañana por mi” It directly translates to “Today for you, tomorrow for me”. In english we say, You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. I decided to use this and flip the words because it will mean, if we as immigrants get an opportunity to earn our degree and be able to legally work, I am also going to benefit the economy. This is a nation of immigrants and people just want to live the American Dream. They will help the country with its growth by giving back.
Slogan 2 = “Let’s Dream together as one not tear each other apart”
Families are being broken up from one another because of undocumented human being not being able to find ways to protect themselves and families. Families should always stay together. Imagine not being able to be surrounded by a loved one because the government tore you apart from one another. Unity amongst families is important. The Biden campaign continuously used the word Unity. Now it is time to work and keep everyone together by working as a unified whole. Some people need to leave where they are originally from because of the lack of the opportunities.
-Organizations to work with : NYSDA, NYS Language RBERN at NYU/Steinhardt Metro Center, UnLocal Inc.,
1) Khachaturian, R. (2021) “Trump Has Left the Building, but the Foundations Are Still in Place,” The Nation, January 20, 2021.

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