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Health & Safety Plan

Site Clearance & De-contamination


The preparation, presentation and submission of this coursework comprises both group activities and a group submission. Parts 1 &2 are group activity, Part 3 is a group submission and carries a module weighting.

The scenario

You are now responding, as a Main Contractor, to the tender documentation created in the Management 3 module. An invitation to tender has been received, and a tender return date set.


You are required to create and submit a response to the tender. From the outset you are required to work in your groups. This will allow you to benefit from being able to discuss your initial thoughts and proposals with others. There are 3 distinct parts to the coursework, of which only part 3 attracts coursework marks. However to do well you will need to have engaged with parts 1 and 2, working with your group.

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