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Write a report of your CBA project should have Seven
components: (i) An Introduction (which will include the objectives of your research as well as its importance);
(ii) Standing (Whose benefits and costs to include and why?); (iii) Identification and Categorization (of all
possible Costs and Benefits associated with your project; separate the benefits and costs you included in your
CBA and explain why);
(iv) Valuation of Benefits and Costs (How did you attach
dollar values to the benefits and costs you’ve decided to include in your CBA? Where do they come from? Are
those reliable?); (v) Discounting: (Which discount rate did you use for your project and why? How did you
calculate it?);
(vi) How did you calculate the NPV of the project? Did you conduct a sensitivity Analysis of your results? What
are the implications of your results?), and
(vii) Summarize the key results of your research and conclude the report.

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