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Identify two core competencies that WarnerMedia Entertainment has been able to leverage in its HBO Max streaming service and explain, element by element, how well each competency satisfies the four distinct elements of VRIN. READ CHAPTER 4 OF THE TEXT BOOK (24 points)
2.  Based on your research, identify two areas of weakness that HBO Max presently exhibits, and advise WarnerMedia Entertainment as to how the firm can best address these issues. Your proposed solutions must be original and cannot include ideas that the company has already implemented or publicly announced. (20 points)
·         HBO’s lack of new content.
·         HBO used to release content in a weekly basses vs Netflix realizing all season long shows at once.
·         Netflix took the subscription based streaming market early on building customer trust
3.  HBO Max faces competition from many opposing services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+. Select one rival from this list that you believe most threatens HBO Max and thoroughly detail how HBO Max compares and contrasts, in terms of strategy (not simply features and pricing), to this rival. (28 points)
1.  The streaming content landscape continues to evolve; but, thus far, some services have not yet realized their full potential. Prominent among these are Peacock and CBS All Access (soon to be renamed Paramount+). Choose one of these two services and devise four creative strategies that the company offering your chosen service can employ to differentiate its streaming service from that of HBO Max. Each strategy should be original and innovative, meaning that you may not simply propose copying features that others have already devised (e.g. do not merely suggest “NBCUniversal should allow Peacock subscribers to create multiple user profiles” or “CBS should organize its content into distinct brand-based categories”). Include in your response brief explanations of how each strategy can help the firm capitalize on particular market opportunities in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market. (28 points)


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