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1. RICS code of ethics
[Pass / Not achieved]
a) Enrol on the RICS ‘Ethics Walkthrough’ online continuing professional
development (CPD) course.
b) Take notes while reading and listening to every part of the online course and
complete the online test.
c) Once you have successfully completed the online course and test, generate and
save the RICS ‘Ethical Standards Walkthrough’ CPD certificate as a pdf file.
d) The certificate must have your name and be dated in 2021.
e) The RICS CPD certificate must be attached to this assignment as evidence of
having enrolled and successfully completed the online course.
f) This is a COMPULSORY and ABSOLUTE requirement of this assignment. If a
valid and compliant RICS CPD certificate is not attached, you will be considered
to have failed this assignment.
g) The enrolment link is shown below:
2. Professional negligence
Explain ‘professional negligence’ in the construction industry and how you manage
this risk under a construction contract.
Please use the marking scheme on page 2 to assist your assignment completion.
[50 marks]
3. Legal principles affecting tenders and contracts
Explain the following:
a) What are ‘terms’ and ‘conditions’. [10 marks]
b) What is a standard form of construction contract and what are their benefits.
[10 marks]
SEMESTER 1 – 2021
Page 2 of 4
c) Explain the difference between an ‘invitation to treat’ and an ‘offer’. [10 marks]
d) Discuss your rights to withdraw a tender for a construction project. [10 marks]
e) Discuss circumstances when ‘Letters of Intent’ and ‘Letters of Award’ might be
used. [10 marks]


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