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You can choose from any of these cases to pick from for the paper to be on.
The Boston Strangler (Albert De Salvo)

Chicago Murders (John Wayne Gacy)

Son of Sam (David Berkowitz)

Green River Killer (Gary Leon Ridgeway

Jeffrey Dalmer Murders

The Yorkshire Ripper (Peter Sutcliff)

The Atlanta Murders (Wayne Williams)

Jon Benet Ramsey Murder

Fatal Vision Murders (Jeffrey MacDonald)

The Lacy Peterson Murder (Scott Peterson)

The Fire Lover Murders (John Orr)

The ‘Helter Skelter’ Tate/La Bianca murders (Manson Family)
Nicole Brown & Ron Goldman Murders

Complete a Case Study to evaluate the investigation of a well known homicide. A critical evaluation of an actual crime can reveal much about the science and techniques of investigation.

The study should evaluate the actual investigative process, the locating and interviewing of involved parties and the securing of physical evidence. Do not judge the case only upon whether it resulted in a conviction.

Discuss any ‘outside’ factors which may have impacted the investigation (press, public, politics).

What was/were the key item(s) of physical evidence, and how was it used to prove motive and/or intent?

What were the elements of the crime and how were they proven? What investigative errors were made, and how did they impact the case during the trial? Identify at least one example of creative, proactive investigation.

Did this case break any ’new ground’ in the science of forensics or the legal presentation of evidence? Was criminal profiling used to identify a suspect? Did it prove to be accurate?

Who committed the crime(s) and why? What can be learned from this investigation? What was the impact on the public’s perception of the criminal justice system as a whole?

This paper should be no longer than 12 typed double-spaced pages. Use 1” margins, headers and footers. Use size 12 Arial font. Include a title page and a bibliography (not included in the five page count).

In the body of the paper, do not waste space with headings or double/double spacing. APA or MLA formatrequired as to citations, footnoting etc. Five references (Reputable sources online) required.

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