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You are an employee working for a company, and you have been asked by your
manager to identify an item that your company needs to purchase. My advice is to pick something simple; if you are detailed, that will be more than enough work (e.g.,
compare three keyboards or zip drives rather than comparing three computers).
Select three models of the item you are comparing and develop the criteria you will
use as the basis for your evaluations.
Your primary audience (the person who requested the report) is an executive who
needs to make a decision. Your secondary audience (other employees/technical
people) will not make the decision but will use the report. The report will have
sections with headings so that all readers can find the information they need to do
their jobs.
Your technical report should include the following elements in this order:
Front Matter
1. Cover Letter
2. Cover Page
3. Abstract and Executive Summary
4. Table of Contents
5. List of illustrations, figures, tables, pictures, etc. (if any)
1. Introduction
2. Methods
3. Results
4. Conclusions
Back Matter (if any)
1. Glossary
2. List of symbols
3. References
4. Appendices


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