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Pick a local company (FROM THE U.S) in your community and analyze if the information in the article and video to analyze the company as it pertains to their current situation as impacted by the COVID-19.
What is the name of the company? Location and some LSCM details about the company.
What is the current and most pressing problem the company is facing due to the coronavirus?
Can you use the Ishikawa cause and effect mindset to help describe the problem? What are the causes and effects of the problem? Try to draw and describe the problem using the Ishikawa diagram. Also, try using Microsoft Visio or LucidChart. They may allow you to use a 7-day free trial. Think through the situation, draw on paper first, and then transfer to this software, if possible. The software is mostly great for drawing all kinds of business process maps.
Using the information provided in the videos and article
In detail explain why the new information you now have from the course and from the video can help change their situation or at least help decision-makers improve the situation.
What one suggestion can you make to the company from the information you received in the video?
What are your takeaways from watching the video?
How can you relate the videos, articles and chapter 7 and 9 to what is currently happening in today’s market?


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