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Explain how cloud computing can be used for business continuity and disaster recovery.
Discuss the pros and cons of cloud computing.
and response to this discussion.
usinesses have traditionally used hard stand or physical on site to store and house all their data. Making things
relatively easier to access and be able to see instantaneous failures or issues. This would allow for planning
and prepping to be handled much easier to account for all resources on or around the facilities. A plan is only
as good as it is tested and tried, only then can an organization truly work towards bettering it and making it
foolproof. Any business that fails to plan accordingly will likely struggle. Therefore, the Cloud is a great tool and
asset to add to the overall concept for recovery and planning.
In the end Cloud a good tool for disaster recovery. The cost may be high pending what is purchased and the
risk will always be there, but an organization needs to ask itself just how big of a price are they willing to pay if
their data was destroyed and unable to be recovered? So, should the money go to Cloud storage or having to
deal with a major setback to the organization. After all this is more along the lines of putting forth some
insurance in case of an accident.

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