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Read Chapters 15 and 16; answer the below questions.
Title: The Human Services Counseling Toolbox
Author: William A. Howatt
Publisher: Brooks/Cole, 2000
ISBN: 0-534-35932-9
Chapter 15 – Choice Theory and Reality Therapy:
The Mind Map which is represented in this chapter demonstrates Glasser’s Five Basic Needs. Within Glasser’s
basic needs of “Survival” is the concept of “responsibility”.
Explain how you as the caseworker/counselor would apply the concept of “responsibility” when working with a
client who has continuously spent all the family’s finances on gambling and partying; then the client becomes
angry with you when they are refused funds from government assistance.
Chapter 16 – Cognitive Therapy
According to Beck, there are 3 (three) elements that represent the cognitive patterns of clients’ outlook on life.
1. How they view themselves; 2. The future, and 3. Their world experiences. Many clients will come to you for
relief of anxiety provoking situations.
Using the Reducing Anxiety Techniques. Please identify and describe which technique you would use for a
client who mistakenly believes that he/she is the focus of everyone’s attention wherever they go and how this
belief impacts their ability to interact with others.



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