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cheapest essay writing service

Do you study online, and you need cheapest essay writing service? Over the years the number of students who are enrolled in the online courses is increasing.  According to an article posted by the US news, the number of students who enrolled in online courses rose significantly from 2015 through 2016. In over the 4700 colleges in the US, there are over 6 million students who took at least an online course in 2016. Although the growing number of online students has been raising eye blows among the stakeholder in education, the pace of enrollment has not slowed. The highest rate of growth was reported in 2015 and 2016 among the public universities.

cheapest essay writing service

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The growth rate in the online learning enrollment is highly associated with numerous reasons. The major reason is that students have to cater for their college fees. They do not have to rely solely on their parents to cater for their fees. Most of the students are working, and this means that their schedules do not fit well with the 9-5 model of education. The lack of flexibility in the traditional model of education is a critical factor that has pushed many students to opt for online learning. With the online learning, the students can study on their schedule.  They do not have to attend classes physically when they can get all the learning materials online and study at their own time. Furthermore, the young generation wants to study at their preferred time.

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cheapest essay writing service

They are not ready to be held up by tight schedules where they will have to sit in class all day long. It is indisputable that the college fees of many colleges have risen in double folds compared to 10 years ago. The increase in tuition fees has posed a crisis for the students. Even if they are working for more hours than the recommended time they cannot fully meet the college expenses. They have to borrow from friends and even apply for credit cards. The students who are studying in the traditional system are paying a lot of fees compared to the students who are studying online. This is because the students in the traditional system have to cater for tuition, accommodation and even traveling expenses. The online learning has thus become a cheaper option for the students.

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Even though online learning is cheap and pocket-friendly, students have to cope with high burdens of homework online. Students have to handle many discussions and assignments every semester. Most of these assignments have tight schedules. Students who are not keen may end up submitting the posts and assignments late. Even though the students enjoy learning as per their schedule, they may ignore most of the class work since they do not have a follow-up by the teachers. Many students feel that studying online is easy, but they are not prepared for the tough assignments that they have to post daily. These posts are their main method of assessment, and thus they cannot afford to fail in the essays.

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Despite the significance of the assignments in their course, most of the students do not have essay writing skills that are needed. Unfortunately, no professor will waste time teaching student how to write essays. Instructors expect that students must come up with top quality essays that can attract top grades.  Nothing hurts the student like when they have a lot of essays to submit, but they do not have any hint on what to do. This is one of the key factors that is promoting the student to seek the services of the cheapest essay writing service. These essay writing websites provides cheap essays at a very low rate, but they deliver quality papers.

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One of the major flaws in the education systems is that the systems tend to reward memorization. The student who attends the classes daily will never get recognized if they cannot memorize what has been taught in class. This is a serious issue that has made many students have a mentality that education is the only thing that one needs to make it in life. There is no argument that so many people have succeeded in their careers because of education. However, this should not extinguish the fact that other people have made in life through sports and other passions. It is eminent that some students may want to pursue their passions and dreams. However, the current education system does not provide a good environment for the same.

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This have forced many students to opt for online learning because the traditional system does not favor their schedules. I think that it is wonderful for the student to pursue their passions when they are still in school. A student can engage in such as music,horse riding and others, .  If you are a student, who is determined to pursue his passion you may not have all the time to balance school work and other tasks.  School work can be overwhelming. At times it may be necessary to seek the cheapest essay writing services to complete your essays. With our cheap essays, you can always be assured of a top-quality essay at the lowest rate in the market.  Trust us with your essays and pursue your passion without worrying much about the school work.

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